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Alcohol addiction is a serious mental health disorder that needs early diagnosis and effective treatment. The most effective treatment option for alcohol addiction is seen to be rehabilitation at a de-addiction centre. Individuals can focus only on their recovery at a deaddiction centre under the constant supervision of mental health professionals. A deaddiction centre accelerates recovery through various therapies, group therapies, and other techniques.

However, a person’s recovery does not stop after discharge from a de-addiction centre. The challenge is to sustain this recovery in the face of daily challenges. Individuals also face the risk of relapses once they go back to daily functioning. Post-rehabilitation care for alcohol addiction helps an individual address these challenges and helps them sustain this recovery even outside the deaddiction centre.

Mental health professionals regularly interact with the client and their families to track their recovery journey. They help the individual through any challenges they might face and ensure that they are always on track towards recovery.

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What is post-rehabilitation care?

Post-rehabilitation care is a program aimed at helping an individual sustaining their recovery even post-discharge from a deaddiction centre.