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Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

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Disrupted sleep is likely the only symptom of the disease that appears before other cognitive symptoms such as memory loss. Alzheimer's plaques have been proven in studies to disrupt sleep, while interrupted sleep has been shown to increase the development of the latter. Those who sleep less than 75 percent of the time are five times more likely to develop preclinical Alzheimer's disease than those who sleep well. Consider patient-related factors such as level of functionality and treatment adherence, as well as family-related factors such as if interpersonal interactions are relaxed and whether other family members, particularly small children, may be negatively affected. Family interactions can be a crucial component of life following mental health rehab, and research shows that family-based therapies are beneficial in promoting mental health wellbeing and lowering the relapse rate. Cadabams Rehabilitation centres offer specialised programmes and experienced specialists to assist in Post Rehabilitation Care for Alzheimers.

Alzheimer's Psychiatry: What is it and how can it help you?


Living with Alzheimer's and Overcoming Them: Survivor Stories


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Specific learning disability
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What is a Post-Rehabilitation Program, and how does it work?

The purpose of post-rehabilitation programmes is to help patients recover completely from any mental illness or disease by continuing treatment after they have completed rehab.

What is the most crucial thing to do once you’ve completed treatment?

Use everything you learnt in recovery to help you succeed. Stress reduction, communication, problem-solving, anger control, memory abilities, and other skills may have been learned or improved. Now is the moment to put what you’ve learned into action.

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