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REBT is a cognitive behavioural therapy in which the therapist teaches the client how to recognise irrational ideas, challenge them, and replace them with reasonable beliefs. The A-B-C personality theory is at the heart of REBT. As a result, it is both a forerunner and a subtype of CBT. The A stands for an activating event, which is frequently a difficult life condition. The B denotes a belief that takes hold and leads to the emotional result, which is represented by the C. If, on the other hand, the belief is sensible, the result is merely a brief melancholy. The principle of REBT is that our emotions are purely a function of our beliefs, not of the events that occur in our lives. Cadabams professionals help you using REBT therapy for Alzhiemer’s in Hyderabad.

Alzheimer's Psychiatry: What is it and how can it help you?


Living with Alzheimer's and Overcoming Them: Survivor Stories


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Is REBT useful for those who have dementia?

Patients with dementia and mild cognitive impairment may benefit from CBT, a type evolved from REBT, which reduces depression and anxiety symptoms while also increasing quality of life.

What are the behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer’s?

  • Aggression and Anger.
  • Anxiety and Agitation.
  • General emotional distress.
  • Physical or verbal outbursts.
  • Restlessness, pacing, shredding paper or tissues.