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Counselling is not an instant fix. It takes a person with an anxiety disorder or even mild levels of anxiety to engage in consistent therapy sessions in order to gain insight and awareness into the root of their anxiety as well as learn to effectively apply strategies in order to reduce their anxiety. This is the reason that adherence to counselling sessions is required, which sometimes can get compromised when an individual is only given the option of attending sessions in-person. Due to the ease of accessibility and the time-saving factor due to not needing to travel to farther locations, online counselling can easily be incorporated in an individual’s schedule. This promotes adherence to treatment which enhances the individual’s chances of faster and more effective recovery from their anxiety symptoms.

Furthermore, due to the stigma prevalent in our society regarding seeking help with mental health issues, an individual may sometimes not be comfortable seeking treatment at a clinic so as not to be recognized by other known people. Online counselling can be useful in such a situation in maintaining anonymity. Even individuals who may have negative emotions such as shame, guilt, embarrassment, etc. regarding sharing their innermost thoughts to a counsellor can find themselves able to do so in an online session as they can engage in audio call sessions or have a chat session.

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How effective is Online Counselling for Anxiety?

Online Counselling is as effective as in-person counselling for reducing symptoms of anxiety in individuals with anxiety disorders.

What are the benefits of Online Counselling for Anxiety?

Online Counselling can be beneficial as it is as effective as in-person counselling, and can be availed at the comfort of one’s home, saves time and the need for travelling especially to far-off locations, can easily be fit in a person’s routine, and provides anonymity.

How many numbers of sessions are required?

The number of sessions required are variable depending on the severity of a person’s disorder and their response to treatment.

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