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Autistic Spectrum Disorder Treatment

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Group therapy can be an effective and empowering experience for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and can benefit the individuals in various ways. It can help them give a sense of belonging in a group, which they might be devoid of in their usual world wherein they come out as different as well as find themselves unable to have the skills to build relationships with others. It can reduce the sense of isolation that these individuals can face and provide a supportive and encouraging environment in the group setting. Hearing other group members facing similar challenges can induce a huge sense of relief. The individual would learn a lot of different strategies that help them navigate challenges due to their social and communication deficits such as – Learning to reduce and manage negative emotional states such as stress and frustration, Learning conversational skills that aid relationship building, Learning to adapt to any changes in life such as routines and life transitions, Gaining the ability to advocate for self and the ability to communicate in order to get their needs met, Developing skills that help them build lasting relationships, Helping learn to plan and organize, and managing sensory sensitivities, Learning to set goals and achieve them.


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Specific learning disability
Personality disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Drug addiction
Chronic Pain

How effective is Group Therapy for Autism?

Group therapy is effective for individuals with autism in enhancing their communication, social and emotional regulation skills and helping them learn to manage their behaviours and triggers.

How does Group Therapy for Autism work?

Group sessions often happen once or twice a week over a period of months. Each session may last for about 1-2 hours.

How many numbers of sessions are required? 

The number of sessions required differs for each individual with autism depending on the severity of their condition as well as how well they are responding to the group sessions.

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