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Autistic Spectrum Disorder Treatment

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Autism is marked by behavioral, social, communication, and sensory sensitivities issues. Some of these traits are shared by everyone in the autism spectrum while others are specific to the impairment but not shared by all on the spectrum. When beginning a group, most people experience some nervousness. Individuals with Autism will have difficulty with social communication, which will make it difficult for them to socialize and engage with others. Individual therapy for people with ASD can be effective in helping them practise social skills learned in individual therapy. Group leaders are taught how to start a dialogue and talk about any fear that the group is experiencing. Most new members quickly become engrossed in the group process, and many begin sharing in unexpected ways. People who have autism features benefit greatly from group therapy. Autism specialized therapists conducting group therapy in Cadabams are equipped with skills and experience to assist you best in your journey.


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What is the efficacy of group therapy?

Group therapy has been shown to be useful in assisting young people with a variety of challenges including chronic disorders like Autism. It has been proved to be just as successful as individual psychotherapy in most cases.

What is the format of a typical group session?

Groups include a wide range of session formats. Many groups are structured or semi-structured, the majority of group sessions are devoted to a single topic, in this case autism, autism care giving etc.

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