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Autistic Spectrum Disorder Treatment

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Since autism requires long-term treatment, some parents may find online counselling to be an effective treatment modality as it can easily fit into their busy schedules and save travel time. Furthermore, the online mode can also be comfortable for the autistic individual as sessions could be conducted in their comfort zone – their home. In online counselling, professionals can use various approaches in helping an autistic individual in improving in various dimensions that they struggle with such as lack of understanding regarding social interaction, social communication, as well as a lack of imagination – associated with repetitive behaviour and rigid thinking. There are various approaches therapists use such as – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This therapy aims to change the meaning assigned to events that it understands as the cause of an individual’s anxiety rather than the event itself. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). This approach uses encouragement, repetition, and reinforcement to help individuals learn new skills. Verbal Behaviour Therapy (VBT). It is a type of speech therapy which helps individuals with autism to learn words in context.


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How effective is Online Counselling for Autism?

Online Counselling is effective in helping an individual with autism learn essential behavioural, communication, and life skills at the comfort of their homes.

What are the benefits of Online Counselling for Autism?

Online Counselling could be more comfortable for the individual with autism who would not uncomfortable with meeting a stranger in-person, thereby making delivering therapy more effective. It could also ensure that regular sessions are taken as fitting online counselling into one’s schedule could be more convenient for some individuals and their family. Furthermore, online counselling has been found to be as effective as face-to-face counselling.

How many numbers of sessions are required? 

The number of sessions differs for each individual. Long-term counseling could help individuals with autism deal with any life stressors that come about.

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