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Bipolar disorder treatment


Bipolar disorder is a serious mental health disorder that affects a person’s functioning in multiple ways. With a person fluctuating between episodes of mania and depression, Bipolar disorder can cause a complete breakdown in a person’s functioning. However, the disorder also causes severe distress to a person’s family as well.

Family therapy for Bipolar disorder aims at addressing issues and conflicts within the family that might be a source or trigger for the individual’s condition. It also aims to help the family gain an understanding of the disorder, help them adapt to their loved ones’ condition, and helps them keep a track of their loved ones’ recovery journey. With family therapy, any feelings of guilt or blame are addressed, and the individual is provided with a safe space or environment in which they can heal.

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Is Family therapy for Bipolar Disorder effective?

Family therapy for bipolar disorder is effective in helping families and individuals come together in the recovery journey.

Who can conduct a family therapy session for Bipolar disorder?

A psychiatric social worker, or a family therapist can conduct family therapy sessions.

How much does family therapy cost?

Family Therapy sessions cost vary on the number of sessions, and the location where you avail of the service. Cadabams offers the best family therapy for bipolar disorder in Bangalore and our professionals will guide you on the best course of action for the disorder as well!

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