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Bipolar disorder treatment


Neurofeedback is a therapeutic technique that is used to treat a variety of mood disorders and other mental health disorders. It is a non-invasive treatment option in which a therapist uses a device to measure the brain waves of a person and gives them real-time information as to how they react when presented with certain stimuli. Through this constant communication and monitoring, a person learns how to control their reactions helping in symptom management.

Neurofeedback helps people suffering from Bipolar Disorder respond to their symptoms and surroundings better. It especially helps people who are suffering from depressive episodes manage their symptoms and results in the general improvement of mental health. This treatment approach is preferred as it has shown its effectiveness, and it is largely free from side effects. It is also non-medicated and painless in nature, making it all the more preferred for patients.

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Is neurofeedback for Bipolar Disorder effective?

Neurofeedback is seen to be effective in helping individuals manage the symptoms of mental health disorders like anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

Who can conduct a neurofeedback session for Bipolar disorder?

A mental health professional who is certified and has undergone training specially for neurofeedback can conduct the sessions.

Where can I avail neurofeedback services?

Neurofeedback services can be availed with your mental health professional, or at a mental health hospital.

What is the cost of neurofeedback?

Costs vary depending upon the number of sessions, and multiple other factors.

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