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Biofeedback is a treatment increasingly used for the treatment of chronic pain. Although it does not ‘cure’ the pain, it helps the person with chronic pain self-regulate and can help influence their perception of pain. In the biofeedback session, the person gets immediate feedback about the functioning of their biological conditions such as breathing, brain waves, heart function, muscle tension, sweat, temperature, etc. which enables the person to become an active participant in changing these physiological states for maintaining their health. Over time, the person becomes capable of maintaining these changes without needing the feedback from the instrument.
Biofeedback training may help a person reduce or eliminate the need for medications for chronic pain. It also helps the person take an active role in the healing process of their chronic pain.
In a typical biofeedback session, electrical sensors are attached to the person’s body that monitor the person’s bodily functions, after which the biofeedback therapist leads the person into performing mental exercises that help change their physiological state. These techniques can include formal relaxation techniques, pre-recorded audios, mindfulness, or even a self-hypnosis practice.

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How effective is Biofeedback for Chronic Pain?

Biofeedback is effective in reducing symptoms of chronic pain as well as the need for medications for chronic pain.

Is Biofeedback for Chronic Pain safe?

Biofeedback is generally considered a safe treatment option with no adverse negative side effects reported. However, it might not be an appropriate option for people with certain medical conditions related to their heart or skin. Therefore, it is important for a person to indulge in physical evaluations to determine the safety of the procedure.

How are the benefits of Biofeedback for Chronic Pain?

It is a non-invasive form of treatment, could enhance the effectiveness of medications, could eliminate or reduce the requirement of taking medications for chronic pain, could help pregnant women who are not recommended to take medications, and helps people to feel that they have more control over their health.

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