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Chronic pain treatment

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Physiotherapy helps a person manage their condition with chronic pain by helping them increase their activity, and thus improving their overall quality of life. They are trained in giving instruction and advice on strengthening supporting muscles, exercises to mobile joints, maintaining and regaining fitness, as well as other pain management techniques.
Physiotherapists often see patients on an individual basis and make assessments regarding the cause and impacts of the patient’s chronic pain. Accordingly, they design a treatment program that would comprise of specific exercises suited to your unique condition causing chronic pain, as well as advice regarding posture, movement and finding alternative ways that helps the patient achieve their goals. They also can help with practical suggestions such as ensuring you are wearing the right shoes or have the correct equipment. The treatment plans that physiotherapists design for the patient are aimed at helping them cope most effectively with their pain, reduce it, and ensure that they are able to live an active life.

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How effective is Physiotherapy for Chronic Pain?

Physiotherapy is effective for chronic pain as it helps the patient, with exercises and modifications of their posture and movement, to reduce their pain as well as enhance their mobility.

Is Physiotherapy for Chronic Pain safe?

Physiotherapy is safe as physiotherapists are trained professionals who suggest you engage in exercises in a way that would not harm you. However, since you would be moving those body parts that have chronic pain in order to enhance their mobility and reduce pain, it can be challenging in the beginning.

How many numbers of sessions are required?

The number of sessions required depends on the individual’s condition and how many sessions they require in learning how to enhance their movement and reduce pain.

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