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Chronic pain treatment

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Pain has various aspects related to it and thus involves not only a physical component but also emotions, cognitions, and behaviours. Albert Ellis, the founder of REBT, understood the capacity of cognitions and emotions to affect one’s health. In this regard, an REBT therapist helps the patient with chronic pain avoid the treacherous slope of negative emotions, cognitions, and behaviours, learn to assign positive meanings to current and future events related to pain and related circumstances, internalize the locus of control of the patient, and overall become able to implement and maintain healthy and constructive coping skills. REBT has been shown to effectively reduce pain levels in patients with various chronic pain conditions, enhance their response and adherence to other pain interventions, as well as reduce pain-related behaviours and illnesses. Thus, it effectively reduces not only the psychological effects caused by chronic pain, but can also potentially reduce the accompanying physical symptoms.

Chronic Pain Psychiatry: What is it and how can it help you?


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Chronic Pain

How effective is REBT for Chronic Pain?

REBT is effective in identifying and modifying negative thoughts and perceptions related to chronic pain which give rise to distressing emotions as well as maladaptive behaviours that contribute to or worsen the pain.

What are the benefits of REBT for Chronic Pain?

REBT can reduce the psychological effects of chronic pain as well as potentially reduce the physical symptoms of the pain. It helps the patient modify their thoughts and emotions into more positive ones that make room for behaviours that enhance pain reduction.

How many numbers of sessions are required?

The number of sessions required differs from individual to individual.

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