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Couples & Relationship Counseling

Maintaining a healthy relationship requires effort, time, and commitment. A relationship doesn’t mend itself. Ego and misunderstandings can impair that bond beyond repair. Seeking relationship counseling may help as you gain advice from a professional counselor who tells you what is amiss in the relationship.

At Cadabam’s Hospitals, we offer relationship counseling. Ours is a large and multi-specialty team of psychologists, family therapists, psychiatric social workers, therapists, and counselors who have extensive experience of decades in working with couples and enabling them with the tailored solutions for a healthier and happier relationship. If things aren’t going well with your partner, connect with us today and get the best couple counseling.

Choosing couples’ counseling may seem like a very big step because sharing your grief with an outsider may seem strange. Moreover, not all couples admit that they have cracks in their relationship. Lack of knowledge about relationship counseling, which ensures therapy to broken relationships, adds to the existing doubt and fear.

Does this mean that you must reach out to a couple’s counselor only when there is no other way that the relationship can be saved? The answer is ‘NO’! Couples counseling focuses on improving the communication between couples, resolving their issues by lending the stressed couple insight into the problems, thereby enhancing relationship satisfaction.

Whether it is the trust, between you and your partner, that is broken or communication is poor or increased frequency of arguments, relationship counseling can help.

There is no standard plan that therapists follow during couple’s counseling. More than mere theoretical orientation, most counselors follow the following basic general elements. These include:

  • Setting clear goals and objectives for the couple seeking therapy
  • Focus on the problem that triggered major conflicts in the relationship
  • Active participation by the therapist in treating the couple than treating each member separately
  • Focus on solutions and interventions that warrant a change in the couple’s perception. 

When do couples seek relationship counseling?

Couples’ counseling helps regain intimacy in lost relationships. Also, couples seek relationship counseling to strengthen their bond or bring back the spark that gets lost in the daily grind of life. Some also approach counselors to work out the creases in the relationship that occur due to financial troubles or other reasons including:

  • Communication problems due to misunderstandings
  • Tension due to low sexual performance
  • Conflicts due to no children or mentally handicapped wards
  • Dependence on drugs or alcohol
  • Domestic abuse
  • Adultery in relationships

Bracing for relationship counseling

You don’t just get up from your bed one fine day, and decide to go to a couple’s counselor with your partner. There are many questions that you must ask yourself, or inquire from reliable sources, before spilling the beans of your relationship in front of a counselor. Before scheduling an appointment with a relationship counselor, you must find out

  • Education and experience of the counselor
  • Location of the therapist’s clinic or hospital
  • Treatment tenure
  • Testimonials

How does couples counseling therapy work?

There is more to couple’s counseling than merely discussing the ups and downs in a relationship.

Couples counseling encourages the couple to introspect and get insights into their relationship. Couples are motivated to resolve their conflicts and assess their problems from a different perspective. Therapists also ask their client couples to take certain tests to evaluate the extent of damage in their relationship and gauge the possibility of success of their relationship. 

Improved communication is another aspect that therapists advise their couples. Faith is often marred in a relationship owing to miscommunication or lack of understanding. Inability to listen or comprehend a partner’s issues can lead to cracks in the relationship.

Therapists engage couples in conversations to assess the quality of their interactions. During the counseling sessions, the therapist acts neutral to help couples work through their issues and thereby put to rest unwanted factors that prevent the couple from living happily.

Therapists ask the couples to determine that one factor that keeps them together and then to enumerate factors that keep them from coming together. They are then asked to seek a balanced approach to all the factors and determine their due importance. Realization of what holds significance compared to what is frivolous helps couples value their relationship in the long run. Besides, the couples are made to realize how external factors like family values, religion, culture, and lifestyle could possibly have an impact on the couple’s relationship.

At times due to various reasons, a couple has to end the relationship. Couples counseling helps them cope with the change or break up, deal with their emotions, and handle the situation better.

How does a couple’s counseling benefit you and your partner?

Counseling for couples follows key principles that contribute to effective couple’s therapy:

  • Changing the view of the relationship: Couples counseling attempts to help both the partners so that they can see the relationship in an objective manner. They will learn to stop with the “blame game”. They can also benefit from seeing their relationship in a certain context.

For instance, a couple who is struggling financially will be under various forms of situational stress. The counselor will form a hypothesis about the factors that influence the way a partner reacts. Different therapists will make use of different counseling treatments, but they have to focus on altering the way the couple understands the relationship and how they see each other.

  • Modifying dysfunctional behavior: an effective couple’s counselor will try to change the way a couple behaves with each other. To do this, the counselor must perform a careful assessment to conclude if their clients are at any physical or mental risk if the couple is together. If there is no severe risk to the clients, then the counselor will suggest a “time out” for both the partners to stop the conflict from escalating any further. They will also suggest the right strategies so that discord between couples can be sorted out amicably without escalation and resentment.

Here are some of the top benefits of seeking relationship counseling:

  • Enhanced communication skills.
  • A sense of self-acceptance and an increase in self-esteem.
  • The ability to recognize and defeat self-destructive habits and patterns of behavior.
  • You will learn to manage and healthily express negative emotions.
  • You will also have a clear understanding of how to deal with anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions.
  • Boost confidence and decision-making skills.
  • You can manage stress well and help the relationship flourish.
  • Better problem-solving skills and conflict resolution abilities

Outcomes of seeking relationship counseling

Improved communication:

When you take up marriage counseling online, the sessions will allow you to restore the communication patterns with your significant other and improve intimacy as well. Both spouses will be allowed to speak their minds and voice their opinions, and the counselor will moderate the process; they will encourage an effective communication channel.

Once you visit the best marriage counselor in Bangalore, they will advocate an open and honest communication line. This will help the couple understand their role in the relationship and the issues that are bothering them.

Strong bonds:

Arguments and conflicts are inevitable in a relationship, and it may cause a rise in stress and anxiety levels. An online counselor for relationships will help both spouses have a better understanding of themselves and their partner in the relationship. The counselor helps them express their feelings while bringing everyone together and strengthening their bonds.

Better self-esteem:

The top marriage counselors in Bangalore will start a couple of counseling sessions by promoting self-understanding and identifying the root cause of the problems in the relationship. They will help the couple improve their relationship while improving each partner’s self-esteem. Positive self-esteem helps couples build a healthy relationship and give them a happier outlook on life, as well.

Why Approach Cadabams for Couples and Relationship Counseling?

We put our 28+ years of expertise to ensure that you get the treatment you need and deserve. Our multispecialty team of psychologists, counsellors, physicians work round the clock and are with you every step of the way. Our 24/7 support, customised and holistic plans help us work with you. At Cadabams, we care for you. The process of couples counseling is quite a transformative experience for a couple. When you visit a marriage psychologist at Cadabams, you will realize it is a safe space where both of you will learn more about yourself and each other in a place of trust and respect. 

Our relationship counselor will analyze your emotions of all sorts - anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and so on, stemming from discomfort within your relationship. They will give you an understanding of why and when these emotions are triggered and how they can be resolved. 

Once you get a better understanding of what’s affecting both of you, the marriage therapist will prescribe daily exercises and a treatment plan to help you with these marital issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

> Does couple’s counseling work?

Research has shown couples’ therapy has a success rate of 65% – 75%. Some techniques that are effective with couples counseling are emotion-focused therapy for couples, imago relationship therapy, narrative therapy, and relational therapy

>What do you learn in couples counseling?

Couples counseling is helpful for couples to improve a troubled relationship as it helps tackle various issues such as communication problems, conflicts with child-rearing, substance abuse, anger, infidelity, and sexual problems.

>Does relationship counseling work?

Relationship counseling allows couples to keep aside their problems and lend a fresh perspective to their relations by using specific therapeutic interventions, family therapists can help a couple work towards resolving their relationship issues.

>How do I know if I need relationship counseling?

There are many signs that your marriage or your relationship is broken and needs extra care, nurturing, and attention. Some of the signs that hint towards you getting help might be poor communication between the two of you, too much negativity when you are not open in your relationship, when you are contemplating having an affair, when you are living separate lives, or when you feel things are just not right. 

>How many sessions do couple’s counseling last?

Marriage counseling for each couple varies from couple to couple. However, on average, a couple may take 12 – 16 sessions for successful marriage counseling.

>How do I prepare for couple’s counseling?

First and foremost, you need to have an open mind to working on your relationship. You need to be 100% committed to working this out. Any lack of motivation will seriously hamper the effectiveness of the counseling process. 

Visit Cadabams or book an appointment online to start working on improving your relationship You can also enquire with us for relationship counseling online to avail of our services from the comfort of your home.

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Couples & Relationship Counseling

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