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tDCS is still in experimental form as a brain stimulation treatment, however it has various advantages such as being painless, safe, cheap, and non-invasive. It is easy to administer and contains portable equipment. The side effects experienced are usually a slight tingling or itching on the scalp. It serves to be a valuable tool in treatment of other conditions such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and dementia.

Other treatment options for dementia include –

Medications. A psychiatrist would prescribe medications to improve memory and concentration, reduce anxiety, and manage other dementia symptoms.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy. This involves taking part in exercises and group activities that are specifically designed to improve memory, language and problem-solving abilities.

Behavioural Therapy. Performed by a mental health professional, this therapy can help understand the source of the dementia patient’s problematic behaviour, such as wandering out of home and come up with different alternatives to reduce it.

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Is treatment effective and safe?

tDCS is considered a safe, painless and non-invasive treatment for brain stimulation in dementia patients. The side effects commonly experienced are a tingling or itching sensation on the scalp. There has been researching evidence showing cognitive improvement for dementia patients. 

What are the benefits of TDCS?

It has been found to reduce cognitive decline thus improving memory, reducing behavioural disturbances, and improving language ability.

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