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Meet Our Team Of Dementia Psychiatrists


Dementia brings multiple distressing symptoms like cognitive decline, issues with language function, and more. Dementia is a disorder that affects individuals and their loved ones. Families and caregivers face distress, mental health issues and generally report poorer well-being. These caregivers need support and assistance as well.

Family therapy is a treatment option for the caregivers of individuals with Dementia and the individuals themselves. Through this, the individuals and their loved ones understand the disorder better and understand how to cope with it. Family therapy also helps them understand how they can adapt their lives to help their loved ones cope better with the diagnosis.

Family Therapy for Dementia is an essential treatment option that helps everyone concerned move on from the diagnosis and improves the quality of life in individuals.

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Who can conduct a family therapy session?

A clinical psychologist, counselor, or psychiatric social worker may conduct family therapy sessions.

How much does a session of Family Therapy cost?

Your mental health professional will be able to tell you how many sessions you need. Based on the number of sessions, the cost too varies.