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Group Therapy for dementia involves multiple sessions with other individuals who are going through similar issues. Group Therapy is a mode of psychotherapy where individuals learn from the experiences of the people around them. They learn from others’ mistakes and they learn how to cope better with their own disorder. It also helps develop social interaction abilities and improve their language function as well.

During a group therapy session, individuals with similar issues come together to share their experiences. The therapist or the psychologist plays a facilitative role in this process. The therapist just guides the conversation and pushes the individuals to speak around certain themes. This ensures that the group therapy session is effective and beneficial for all individuals involved.

Group Therapy is effective for treating mild to moderate stages of dementia when the individuals have a level of cognition and comprehension intact. During such stages, it can be very beneficial in helping the individual.

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What is group therapy?

A kind of psychotherapy in which one or more therapists deal with a group of individuals at the same time is known as group therapy. Private therapeutic offices, hospitals, mental health clinics, and community centres are all places where this form of treatment is provided.

Who can conduct a group therapy session?

Group Therapy can be conducted by a licensed therapist, counselor or psychologist as well.

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