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Neurofeedback is a treatment option that focuses on helping individuals train their responses to stimuli. During Neurofeedback sessions, individuals have electrodes attached to their head and they can see how their brain responds to certain stimuli. Neurofeedback sessions are conducted by licensed and certified psychologists, counsellors or other mental health professionals. This treatment option is safe and non-invasive in nature.

The treatment option is helpful for individuals with Dementia who are in the mild/moderate stage. Neurofeedback helps individuals with dementia regain some amount of their cognitive functions and reverses some amount of the memory problems that the individuals face. However, this treatment works only for individuals with Mild to Moderate stage of Dementia.

Another advantage is that Neurofeedback helps individuals with Dementia recover their cognitive functions and memory to an extent while avoiding the side-effects that medication brings.

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Is Neurofeedback beneficial?

neurofeedback is seen to be beneficial in treating multiple mental health disorders. It is seen to be effective in treating anxiety, depression, dementia and many more disorders.