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Neurofeedback doesn’t ‘cure’ dementia as it cannot undo the structural damage in the brain the causes dementia. However, it does help sustain the functionality of the healthy brain areas and delay the deterioration. Moreover, it has to be applied frequently and might even become a daily part of elderly care in the near future.

Neurofeedback works by changing the brain patterns. It measures your brain’s rhythms and every time your brain creates a healthy pattern, it rewards it. This is how it strengthens specific brain segments that need strengthening. It is based on the brain’s ability to rewire and change itself – called neuroplasticity. Various research studies have found that neurofeedback training, whether used solo or in conjunction with other treatment modalities, can improve memory, verbal abilities, and comprehension. Most physicians do not mention neurofeedback or include it in their treatments as they are not aware of how powerful and effective it can be for treating the cognitive decline associated with dementia.

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Is treatment effective and safe?

Neurofeedback is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive procedure that helps retrain brain areas to function normally. It is effective as it leads to significant improvements in dementia’s patient’s overall memory, visual and verbal memory, verbal fluency, and behavioural inhibition. 

How many sessions are required?

There is no fixed number of neurofeedback training sessions that are applicable. It will be different for different individuals. However, regular interval sessions can enhance the dementia patient’s cognitive function and promote independence in daily tasks. Positive effects can show as quickly as the first neurofeedback training session.

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