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Meet Our Team Of Dementia Psychiatrists


Dementia is a disorder that causes significant distress to both individuals and their loved ones. It is a disorder that leads to complete deterioration in memory, cognition, language, and more. Individuals start forgetting the names of their loved ones, they start having issues with understanding simple stuff, and they start having multiple other issues as well.

Dementia is a disorder that has physical outcomes as well. Coordination drops, individuals become more susceptible to injury and multiple other issues arise as well. Individuals are also more vulnerable towards multiple other physiological health issues. Dementia also causes issues with behavior and psychological health.

Online counselling for Dementia helps with the behavioral and psychological issues of dementia. Through online counselling, individuals and families can learn how to cope with the different signs of the disorder better and understand how to adapt to the disorder as well.

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What is online counselling?

Online counselling refers to counselling conducted by a therapist, psychologist or other trained mental health experts over the internet. Online counselling is preferred when the individual or family members are unable to make it to the hospital for consultation.