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Rehabilitation is useful to promote independence and enhance quality of life, and is tailored to the needs of the individual. Rehabilitation can help a person with dementia delay their cognitive decline, achieve their nominated goals, and also may delay their admission to residential care. It offers the support of different professionals that can aid in improving functionality of a person with dementia without needing to reach out to different professionals individually.

One part of rehabilitation includes cognitive rehabilitation therapy, which is tailored to each person with dementia. With their caregivers, a therapist will help the person with dementia set goals and find ways to achieve them. This can be different for different individuals, with some wanting to find ways of staying independent, managing daily chores, and some others wanting to learn strategies to prevent burning food or safely withdrawing cash. Engagement in cognitive stimulating activities is another part of rehabilitation, which has shown to slow down cognitive decline in people with dementia.

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What are the benefits of rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation offers constant support and supervision by nurses and mental health professionals which a family caregiver may not always be available for at home. It also offers a structure and routine that makes it easy for a person with dementia to handle day to day tasks and not get overwhelmed. Group engagement that happens in rehabilitation centres can be a significant mood booster and the available counsellors can help the person with dementia deal with their anxiety and depression issues if present. 

How does rehabilitation work?

Depending on the functionality of the person with dementia which is based on the severity of their dementia symptoms, rehabilitation programs are tailored. They include group activities for cognitive stimulation as well as individual therapy sessions for those with early-stage dementia and caretaking for those with mild to severe stages.

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