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Ayushi Jain

3 yrs of experience

English, Hindi

M.Phil (RCI) in Clinical Psychology

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Ayushi Jain is a distinguished consultant clinical psychologist at Cadabams Hospitals, backed by a robust foundation in clinical psychology and profound human relations expertise. A proud alumna of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience (NIMHANS), Bengaluru, Ayushi has successfully completed a six-month Certificate Course in Child Therapy, Adolescent Therapy, and Family Therapy. Throughout her academic pursuits, she adeptly honed her skills in assessing clients' needs through a plethora of psychometric tests, clinical interviews, and keen observations. She boasts hands-on experience with cognitive function tests, including neuropsychological testing, learning disabilities assessments, and both paper-pencil and projective techniques. Ayushi's therapeutic arsenal is vast, encompassing cognitive behavior therapy, behavior modification, emotion-focused therapy, and many more, all of which she has practiced under stringent expert consultations, supervision, workshops, and video sessions. As a testament to her versatility, Ayushi has seamlessly integrated into multidisciplinary teams, collaborating closely with psychiatrists, psychiatric social workers, and nurses to deliver holistic care.

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