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Priyanka Kema

2 yrs of experience

English and Hindi

M.Sc, M.Phil (RCI) in Clinical Psychology

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Illnesses Treated: Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, OCD, Anxiety, Addiction, Sleep disturbances, ADHD, Eating disorders, Mood disorders, Personality disorders, Relationship issues, Alcohol Addiction, and Drug Addiction

Priyanka Kema is a consultant clinical psychologist with over 2 years of experience treating a diverse range of mental health illnesses. She works at Cadabams Hyderabad and specializes in administering assessments that help with more accurate diagnosis and treatment. She also focuses on charting treatment plans for illnesses like depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction, ADHD, and OCD. 

Having finished an M.Sc in Clinical Psychology from Bengaluru’s Jain University, Priyanka then pursued an M. Phil in Clinical Psychology from Amity University in Haryana. Her illustrious academic record, involving multiple paper presentations and awards, make her a much sought-after mental health professional in Hyderabad.

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