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Rhea Joseph

4 yrs of experience

English, Malayalam , Tamil


Consultant Psychiatric Social Worker

Mrs. Rhea Joseph is a dedicated and highly skilled Family Therapist at Cadabams Hospital. With an M.Phil in Psychiatric Social Work from NIMHANS and nearly four years of experience in diverse mental health settings, she brings a wealth of expertise to her practice. Rhea firmly believes in the profound impact of one's environment on their mental well-being, acknowledging the crucial role played by various subsystems such as family, workplace, and schools in shaping an individual's functioning. She adeptly assists her clients in modifying and adapting to their surroundings, utilizing structural approaches in family therapy while also employing eclectic methodologies tailored to each client's unique needs. Rhea's particular area of interest lies in working with families of adolescents, young adults, and individuals with mental illnesses, offering guidance, support, and therapeutic interventions to foster healthier family dynamics.

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