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Shilpa Srinath

8 yrs of experience

English, Kannada, Hindi

Ph.D (NIMHANS), M.Phil (RCI)

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Shilpa Srinath, a distinguished psychologist at Cadabams Hospitals, is a paragon of compassion and expertise in the field of mental health. Shilpa's academic journey is marked by a rigorous exploration of clinical psychology. Her research, particularly focusing on the feasibility of Narrative Exposure Therapy for women survivors of intimate partner violence, has been a cornerstone of her PhD tenure. Her academic credentials are further bolstered by an MPhil and MSc in Clinical Psychology from NIMHANS, and a BA Honours in Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore. This comprehensive educational background has equipped her with a profound understanding of diverse psychological issues. With a professional journey spanning over eight years, Shilpa brings a wealth of experience to her role at Cadabams Hospitals. Her prior engagements include serving as an Assistant Professor at the School of Liberal Arts, Alliance University, Bangalore, and a stint as a psychologist at Dharma Life Sciences. Her expertise is not just limited to academic pursuits; she has an extensive history of research and paper presentations at national and international conferences, underscoring her commitment to advancing the field of psychology. Fluent in English, Kannada, and Hindi, Shilpa's linguistic proficiency enables her to connect with a wide range of clients, offering them not just clinical expertise but also empathy and understanding. Her dedication to women's mental health and psychological trauma, combined with her skills in psychotherapy, make her a valuable asset to the team at Cadabams Hospitals.

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