Drug addiction treatment programs in Bangalore, India

by cadabamshospital

25 June,2018 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Do you want to stop the drug practices? Do you wish your adored one to get sober? Is your relationship getting ruined by drug addiction? Then you are on the right page keep reading and know the Drug addiction treatment methods.

In India, overall 3.4 million people effected due to the drug usage. Studies found death rate in India due to drug-related issues are 7 lives per day for past ten years.

What is Drug Addiction Treatment

There is a myth around our society about the drug rehab centers- “Rehab center is like a prison and the way they handle the people is utterly rough”. But the fact starts with a big absolute 'No' there is no such things happen in a rehab centre.

The first and foremost thing should be considered about rehab center is its purpose. A rehab center is a place where an individual gets healed from his/ her addiction issues.  Where the treatments length are dependent upon the severity of the dependence plus it will differ from person to person. Often the treatment period of the rehab center ranges from 28 to 90 days.

Drug Addiction Treatment Methods


it is the primary treatment process in any rehabilitation center. In this treatment process, the harmful toxic substances are discharged from the individual's body. Furthermore, both the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal are reduced by the medical interventions.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)-

Studies found that CBT is one of the most effective treatment methods for addiction-related issues. It is a basic talking therapy where the individual's way of thinking and behaving is targeted to get a gradual change. Moreover, it gives a positive knowledge to the person to handle/ approach/ deal the overwhelming conditions.  

Group therapy-

It is a psychotherapy where a group of sufferers meets to discuss a common problem. Here the individual acquires the support and the improvement by the help of other co-residents. This therapy helps the individual to provoke addiction from the story of others. It also makes the person understand that they are not alone on the road towards recovery.

MET (Motivational Enhancement Therapy)-

It is an intervention program specially designed for the individual to feel internally motivated. Often, MET is coupled with other treatment methods to produce the best of it. Normally it is combined with the treatments like CBT and 12-Step treatment method. MET reduces the risk of future relapse and co-occurring disorders such as depression, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Individual counseling-

The addict can get the benefits of personal counseling during both the stages (treatment stage and relapse stage)of the recovery. It is a basic talk therapy done by the medical professional to the addicted individual. Here the individual amplifies his/ her positivity within, handling the triggers and boosting the self-recovery skills.

Relapse Prevention Therapy-

Relapse- refers to a reoccurrence of the addictive behaviour. It is a type of cognitive-behavioural therapy which aims to reduce or prevents the relapse by helping the individual to anticipate the circumstances that might trigger them to take a shot. The interventions given by the medical professional provide the individual to handle high-risk situations in advance.

Still Thinking?

You might be reading this to help yourself or your loved one. Drug addiction treatment will have the full impact on the individual's body when it is provided at addiction’s early stage. If you are thinking of self-help, in addition, it won't work and you/ they might be ending up with withdrawal symptoms. Recovery is just a call ahead, call us at +91 96111 94949 or visit our website www.cadabams.org. Happy Recovery.