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The statistics for relapse from drug and alcohol addiction are notoriously high. Estimates range from 40% to 60% or more, depending on a study. These statistics are alarming and should be viewed as a warning to treat the subject seriously. Substance addiction should be treated like any other chronic illnesses, with relapse being an indication of the need for renewed intervention. Having said that, the above statistics also indicate that relapse does not occur in a large number of cases. To a large degree, these successful cases are due to effective Relapse Prevention Planning.

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What is a Relapse Prevention Plan?

Relapse prevention helps a person to identify relapse triggers and change thoughts, feelings, and actions that have the potential to lead back to active alcohol and drug use. Counseling or a 12 step program can be of tremendous help with this essential component of recovery. 

These strategies contain specific, concrete practices that will help the client avoid relapse. Here we are providing you with some effective relapse prevention strategies you can follow.

10 Relapse Prevention Strategies for Substance Abuse

Relapse Prevention

1.Change your friends circle - Unfortunately, the root cause of our addiction issues sometimes lie within our circle of friends. Are there any particular friends you consistently hang out with that lead you to substance abuse? It's time to reassess what a friend really means to you and the kind of friends you should hang out with to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes this means changing your phone number and moving to sever negative relationships. This can be hard but in the end, it may save your life.

2.Change your environment - Just as you should review your friendships, you should also think about the places you go to hang out. Maybe it's a nightclub or a ballgame where they serve beer. Or perhaps it is a certain part of town you have frequented that makes you feel temptation. If these places cause you to relapse, you should avoid them at all costs. This might mean staying at home or visiting constructive environments instead like a museum.

3. Spend your free time - Boredom can be a dangerous opponent in the process of recovery. Try reading your local paper to find cultural events, activities and cool things to do that don't involve substance use.

4. Exercise - It's a fact that if you feel depressed, you are more likely to use drugs to self-medicate. One way to fight depression is to make yourself feel healthy and happy. Combining weightlifting with cardiovascular exercise will increase your strength and stamina as well as your overall sense of well being.

5. Diet - Diet is the other half of making yourself feel healthy and happy. Avoid fast food restaurants and anything high in cholesterol or sodium. Also quit drinking soda, eating candy, dessert or anything with artificial flavoring. When you exercise and have a good diet, other things in your life will improve in addition to a sense of well being.

6. Work - Boost your self-esteem by feeling a sense of accomplishment and productivity. It's a great feeling when your boss warms up to you or when you start a business and see it develop. Workouts are a great way to restore the focal point of your life from drug and alcohol addiction to prosperity. This will boost your self-esteem and reinforce your sobriety.

7. Build relationships - You may have noticed that as an addict, the drug becomes the center of attention in your life. Flip the table around! Whenever possible, make an effort to bond with your friends and family. They will return their support to you in a time of need.

8. Talk to a counselor - There is nothing like having a mentor in recovery to help with your journey to a new way of life. Counselors have been the key to so many success stories of addiction recovery. It's just like having a big brother there to watch your back and guide you on the right path.

9. Take help of support groups - Whether or not you believe in support groups, you should give them the benefit of the doubt and try one out sometime. At first, you might be resistant to what they teach... but you might begin to secretly enjoy them and appreciate the value of what they are doing for your life. Millions before you have received life-changing wisdom from support groups.

10. Try having faith - Whether or not you believe in God, you may want to consider the powerful side effects of being a spiritual person; peace and serenity. After all the years of drug use... don't you want to release yourself from the chaos? Faith will bear many fruits in your life and give you a whole new outlook on the road ahead.

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