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We offer OCD Counselling in Bangalore. Our trained therapists understand the nature of OCD, and use evidence-based tools and techniques in their sessions to most effectively help the person reduce the intensity of and gradually overcome their OCD.

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Why Does One Need a Counselor for OCD Treatment?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a complex mental health condition that can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life. A counselor trained in OCD treatment can provide the necessary guidance, support, and therapeutic interventions to help manage the disorder.

They can help individuals understand the nature of their obsessions and compulsions, develop coping strategies, and work towards reducing the intensity and frequency of OCD symptoms. Counselors can also provide support in dealing with the stress and anxiety often associated with OCD, and help individuals lead a more balanced and fulfilling life.

How a Counselor in Bangalore Can Help a Patient Diagnosed with OCD?

A counselor in Bangalore can provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals diagnosed with OCD to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They can help individuals understand the underlying triggers for their obsessions and compulsions and develop effective strategies to manage them.

Through therapeutic interventions like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), particularly Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), counselors can help individuals confront their fears and reduce the urge to perform compulsive behaviors. They can also provide guidance on managing stress and improving overall well-being.

Treatments Offered by a Counselor for OCD in Bangalore

Counselors in Bangalore offer a range of treatments for OCD. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), particularly Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), is often the first-line treatment. It involves gradually exposing individuals to their obsessions and teaching them to resist the urge to perform compulsive behaviors.

Other treatments may include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which helps individuals accept their thoughts and feelings without reacting to them, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), which teaches individuals to focus on the present moment and disengage from distressing thoughts.

Treatment and Rehab Centers in Bangalore for OCD

Bangalore is home to several reputable treatment and rehab centers for OCD. These centers offer comprehensive services, including individual therapy, group sessions, and family counseling.

They provide a structured environment that allows individuals to focus solely on their recovery. One such institution is Cadabams, which offers a holistic approach to OCD treatment, combining medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes to help individuals manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

How to Find the Best Counselor for OCD in Bangalore?

Finding the best counselor for OCD in Bangalore involves considering factors such as the counselor’s qualifications, experience, and approach to treatment. It’s important to choose a counselor who is licensed and has specific experience in treating OCD.

You can research online, ask for recommendations, or consult with healthcare providers. Remember, the best counselor for you is one who understands your unique needs and makes you feel supported and understood.

Why Cadabams?

Cadabams is renowned for its empathetic and supportive environment, providing tailored treatments for OCD. With a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, they utilize a combination of proven therapies, holistic treatments, and personalized care plans. With over two decades of experience, Cadabams has become a beacon of trust and reliability for mental health treatment in Bangalore.


Can you talk to a counselor about OCD in Bangalore?

Yes, you can talk to a counselor about OCD in Bangalore. Counselors are trained professionals who can provide therapeutic interventions and support to help manage OCD symptoms.

Which doctor to consult for OCD in Bangalore?

For OCD, you can consult a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Institutions like Cadabams in Bangalore have experienced mental health professionals who specialize in treating OCD.

What to expect during your first consultation with a counselor for OCD?

During your first consultation, the counselor will conduct a comprehensive assessment to understand your symptoms, the impact of OCD on your life, and your medical history to formulate a personalized treatment plan.

When is the right time to visit a counselor for OCD in Bangalore?

The right time to visit a counselor for OCD is as soon as you notice persistent obsessions or compulsions that interfere with your daily life, cause distress, or consume significant amounts of your time.

How effective is it to consult a counselor for OCD in Bangalore?

Consulting a counselor for OCD in Bangalore can be highly effective. Therapeutic interventions like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy have been proven to significantly reduce OCD symptoms and improve quality of life.

How much does a counselor consultation cost in Bangalore?

The cost of a counselor consultation in Bangalore can range from INR 500 to INR 3000 per session, depending on the counselor’s experience and specialization.

How to I choose an OCD counselor in Bangalore?

When choosing an OCD counselor in Bangalore, consider their qualifications, experience in treating OCD, therapeutic approach, and whether you feel comfortable and understood during your interactions with them.

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