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Most people with OCD are recommended medications along with counselling as a treatment intervention. Medications help turn down the intensity of their OCD symptoms, which allows therapy to help the client manage the compulsions and rituals that clients often engage in to get temporary relief from the unwanted thoughts.
Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) is considered to be one of the most effective therapy methods for treating OCD. In the sessions, the person makes with the counsellor an ascending list of their worries and fears, and the counsellor exposes the client to their fears and worries from smaller to those with more intensity while encouraging the person to prevent engaging in their compulsive responses. This increases their distress tolerance, empowering the person over their OCD. This is effective as it helps the person overcome their fears, while their first instinct usually is to push away the thoughts, which only end up making them come back with even more intensity.

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How effective is Counselling for OCD?

Counselling is effective in helping increase distress tolerance, reducing compulsions, and the intensity of obsessive thoughts in a person with OCD.

What are the benefits of Counselling for OCD?

Counselling helps the person with OCD take back control from their OCD symptoms by helping the person confront their obsessions, resist their urge to engage in compulsions, challenge the validity of their intrusive thoughts, and replace them with more empowering thoughts.

How many numbers of sessions are required?

The number of sessions depends on the person’s OCD severity and how long it takes them to overcome their distress related to the OCD thoughts and stop from engaging in compulsions.

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