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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a debilitating mental disorder and affects the person’s daily functionality. Left untreated, depending on its severity, it can cause havoc in a person’s personal, psychological, and professional life as they may find themselves being bombarded with horrific, intrusive, irrational thoughts and images (obsessions) as well as very time-consuming, elaborate and repetitive mental or behavioural actions (compulsions). This can make life very difficult. Moreover, professional treatment is essential.
Since OCD requires continuous treatment to gradually help the person reduce the intensity of their obsessions and compulsions, adherence to treatment sessions is required. Home services make adherence more likely. As part of the treatment plan, the psychiatrist might prescribe medications in case of severe OCD to help the person calm down the distress and intensity of these obsessions and compulsions, which allows them to be functional and more relaxed on a daily basis. Therapy sessions in addition helps the person find different ways to cope with their obsessions and compulsive behaviours, could involve exposing them to their fear and refraining from engaging in the compulsive behaviours (Exposure and Response Prevention), to avoid reassurance seeking, and to challenge their irrational thoughts and find evidence against them. This helps in gradual reduction of the symptoms.

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How effective is treatment at home for OCD?

Treatment at home for OCD is as effective as going to a hospital setting on an outpatient basis for treatment.

What are the benefits of OCD treatment at home?

Home treatment for OCD can be beneficial in maintaining adherence to treatment which is essential for recovery as well as helping the person learn to manage with their symptoms in their home environment, which would be their place with the most triggers.

How many numbers of visits are required?

The number of visits and sessions required depends on the severity of the person’s OCD and their response to the treatment sessions.

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