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Personality Disorder treatment

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Patients with personality disorder have a difficult time controlling their emotions. They frequently struggle to apply learned techniques for emotional processing in a timely manner because they are unable to detect their emotional arousal effectively. Biofeedback is a complementary medicine technique that teaches people how to alter the way their bodies operate. It is a mind-body therapy that has the potential to improve both your physical and mental health. A mental health professional uses monitoring tools and devices to measure your body's functions during a biofeedback session. The practitioner suggests ways to create physiologic changes based on the feedback from the instruments. You can learn to make those physiological changes without the use of equipment with education and practice. Continuous access to biofeedback has been suggested as a way to improve patient’s emotional awareness. Cadabams brings to you access to most equipped mental health professionals who provide best Biofeedback for personality disorders in Hyderabad.


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Personality disorder
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Does biofeedback help with bipolar disorder?

Biofeedback can be an effective tool to help patients with BPD work on their way of avoiding internal experiences, which inadvertently perpetuates ongoing emotional and interpersonal problems, contributing to their difficulty in stabilizing.

Who performs biofeedback on patients?

Biofeedback is conducted by many professionals across the medical field like doctors, psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists and also physicians.

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