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As a result of negative childhood experiences in addition to biologically-determined dispositions, people with personality disorders form core beliefs regarding their environment which are distorted, faulty, or biased, which result in incorrect and irrational conclusions regarding the meaning attached to external events. This can cause them unnecessary suffering and distress, which becomes the basis of their dysfunctional behaviours and interactions with others. CBT helps the person identify and challenge these faulty assumptions and replace them with more accurate and rational alternate interpretations. Changing these distressing thoughts can lead to change in emotions, leading to more positive emotional reactions and behaviours.
The CBT therapist can engage the person in this process of changing dysfunctional thoughts by asking the person to record the events that triggered a negative response in them. The therapist would examine and try to identify with the person the negative assumptions that could have caused the negative emotion and the subsequent behaviour in the person. The therapist would help in challenging the thoughts with questions that disprove the faulty assumption and ask the person to consider alternative explanations for the same event. Repeated challenging thus lessens the intensity of the faulty core belief.

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How effective is CBT for Personality Disorder?

CBT is effective for personality disorder as it helps the individual identify, challenge, and replace the faulty assumptions that they have gathered about the world thus reducing their unnecessary emotional distress and destructive behaviours.

What are the benefits of CBT for Personality Disorder?

CBT is beneficial for people with personality disorder as it helps the individual identify and change their distorted thinking patterns, teaches emotional regulation skills, helps manage emotional triggers, helps understand the association between one’s thinking and their feelings thus increasing one’s sense of control over their environment, build better awareness of self, and enhance overall quality of life.

How many numbers of sessions are required?

The number of sessions differs for each person. However, long-term CBT therapy is recommended for people with personality disorders as it can be a gradual process in helping them gain insight and change their dysfunctional and distorted thinking patterns.

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