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Personality Disorder treatment

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A personality disorder affects how you deal with life, manage your emotions, and interact with others. You may discover that your attitudes and beliefs differ from those of the majority of people, who could find your conduct unusual, unexpected, or distressing at times. Seeing a therapist, particularly one who specializes in CBT, can help the people with OCPD learn to be more flexible, to have fun and relax, and to prioritize their relationships over work when necessary. CBT, in particular, has been found to be superior to control conditions, as well as equally effective as other active psychological therapies, with treatment effects that are frequently sustained over time, conferring resistance to relapse. Furthermore, in the acute treatment of mild to moderate Personality Disorders, CBT is as efficient as pharmacotherapy. Cadabams professionals are here for the safe and secure treatment of you and your loved ones using treatment plans that consist of CBT for personality disorder in Hyderabad.


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Personality disorder
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What occurs during a CBT session?

CBT is a type of practical therapy, which means it tries to solve a problem. As a result, sessions will concentrate on the patient’s specific concerns  tackling behavior, cognition and thoughts.

What kinds of professionals use CBT?

CBT can be performed by a variety of mental health professionals, including:

  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers (CSWs)
  • Psychiatrists
  • Counselors who are professionals

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