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Personality Disorder treatment

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A Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis is characterized by emotional destabilization, impulse control issues, and severe interpersonal difficulties. Clinicians have recently started to develop therapies for family members affected by presenting the biopsychosocial model in a non-blaming manner to patients and families, providing family members with support and education through the teaching of DBT skills "reinforcing skillful behavior" in the family through empathy and validation The goal is to shift both individual and the family into a non-blaming, non-judgmental interaction pattern. This is similar to individual DBT skills training, but it contains family members and focuses on the family environment. Family therapy doesn't just improve the outcomes of one member of the family. Rather, it creates a space for integrity, empathy, and adaptation that can benefit every member of a family, laying the foundations for creating and maintaining potent, healthy relationships. Cadabams has been providing mental health services using Family Therapy for Personality Disorder in Hyderabad for over 30 years for you and your loved ones, we are here to help


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Is DBT a type of family therapy?

DBT family treatments include multi-family skill training interventions. This is similar to individual DBT skills training, but it includes family members and focuses on the family environment.

What are the advantages of Family Therapy:

  • Improved communication skills may benefit you and your family from family therapy.
  • providing skills for dealing with difficult situations
  • providing new insight and comprehension
  • identifying areas of contention within the family
  • providing conflict resolution strategies
  • Relationships are being improved and strengthened.

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