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There is no known definite cause of personality disorders, but researchers believe genetics and environmental factors play a significant role in the development of the condition. According to some studies, certain personality disorders may be caused by malfunctioning genes, whereas another study ties anxiety, fear, and aggression to genetics. Personality disorders are difficult to treat because people with them frequently have abnormal thoughts and behaviors that prevent them from thinking and functioning normally. The most important benefit of group therapy is that it helps patients realize they are not alone and that there's other people who are dealing with similar issues. This is frequently a revelation and a great relief for the individual. Participating in group sessions can also assist you in developing new skills for relating to others. Cadabams has been contributing to the best treatment for mental health disorders for over 3 decades and understands your need in providing Group therapy for personality disorders in Hyderabad.


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Is group therapy effective for BPD?

According to the findings of this study, group therapy is a valuable and effective care option for people suffering from borderline personality disorder.

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