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Personality Disorder treatment

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A person with personality disorder has abnormalities in their way of thinking, perceiving, and behaving in the world around them. Moreover, professional treatment is essential for recovery. Home Services can be a useful approach of getting long-term treatment for patients with personality disorder. Adherence to treatment is essential for effective recovery, which home services makes easier. Also, the patient and their family members can get access to various medical and mental health professionals at the comfort of their home – these could include psychiatrists, counsellors, clinical psychologists, family therapists, nurses, etc. Family therapy interventions have been found effective as an adjunct mode of treatment for patients with personality disorder, and getting treatment at home makes involving all family members in the treatment process easier.
Home Services also have an added benefit of treating the patient in their daily living environment. Thus, the new emotional regulation, interpersonal, and behaviour management skills that they learn can be easily adapted to their daily home environment where they have to regularly function.

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How effective is Home Services for Personality Disorder?

Home Services is effective as a mode of treatment for personality disorder patients as it allows them access to various professionals at the comfort of their homes for regular appointments which is essential for recovery.

What are the benefits of Home Services for Personality Disorder?

Home Services ensures adherence to treatment, tailoring therapy sessions to the patient’s immediate home environment, involvement of family members for family therapy sessions, and handling of crisis situations for which the professionals can come and intervene.

How many numbers of visits are required?

The number of visits required would depend on how long the patient takes to learn new skills and adapt to their environment in a healthy way resulting in reduction of the symptoms associated with their personality disorder and any other co-morbid conditions.

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