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Personality Disorder treatment

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Personality disorders may be influenced by genetic and familial factors. Early experiences of distress or fear, such as neglect, are common. Over time, many patients heal from personality disorders. Sometimes medical or psychological treatment is beneficial and other times, support is all that is required. This is determined by the intensity of the disorder whether or not there are ongoing issues. Rehabilitation care functions in a way that lowers the manifestations of the issues and reduces the severity and helps the person suffering gain autonomy with the help of mental health professionals. Post care is an innovative approach to bridge the gap between the residential treatment and the actual world with triggers present. Cadabams provides the best post rehabilitation care for personality disorder in Hyderabad and Bangalore after restoring the functionality of the client into daily life. Post care includes structured follow ups with doctors and psychologists, checking your progress, assessing triggers outside of the rehab and relapse prevention.


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Why is mental health aftercare so important?

During mental health treatment, patients learn the skills necessary to deal with stressful situations that may trigger symptoms. These individuals will not know how to apply what they learned in treatment for a successful outcome unless a solid aftercare plan is in place.

Can a person regain normal functions after being treated for a personality disorder?

Following treatment, some clients are able to return to work and use their original skills. If a patient is confronted with challenges, they are given training to assist them in developing the skills required to be in orientation with their new goals, priorities, or values.

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