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Personality Disorder treatment

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Personality disorder patients also tend to see things in extreme levels, such as all good or all bad. Their perceptions of others can also shift quickly. Someone who is regarded as a friend one day may be regarded as an enemy the next. These shifting emotions can result in intense and volatile relationships. They frequently have cognitive, emotional, and behavioral deficits or disabilities that limit their ability to function socially, vocationally, and in other areas of their lives.Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy is a method for identifying irrational beliefs and negative thought patterns that can lead to emotional or behavioral problems. REBT employs three major techniques, which correspond to the ABCs. The techniques are - Problem Solving, Cognitive restructuring and Coping Strategies. Depending on their previous clinical experience as well as your symptoms, each therapist may use a slightly different combination of methods. Cadabams has the best psychotherapists who curate a treatment plan based on your needs using REBT for Personality Disorders in Hyderabad.


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Who can benefit from REBT?

REBT is widely regarded as an effective form of therapy. It is a legitimate treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, depression, and disruptive behavior.

What distinguishes REBT from CBT?

REBT teaches people how to assert themselves effectively, solve problems, and find other appropriate outlets for their anger. Although CBT teaches assertiveness, it does not address the philosophical root of anger.

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