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Engaging in a group therapy setting and talking about personal relationship issues can be intimidating for an individual, which could make them uncomfortable about the idea of group therapy. However, it can be very beneficial to discuss relationship issues in a group that promotes non-judgemental sharing and confidentiality, and find out that others also face similar issues. Learning from other members about what strategies and perceptions have worked for them in their relationships could add to an individual’s repertoire of working strategies. Seeing a dysfunctional relationship pattern in others’ stories and experiences could make it easier to gain insight into one’s own negative patterns. Also, seeing other members working towards enhancing themselves personally and their relationships could act as a motivator for other members to work on their own goals. Thus, group therapy offers benefits in some regards that individual therapy does not have the potential to offer. The most effective approach to working on enhancing relationships and overcoming relationship issues is to engage in both – group therapy as well as individual counselling.


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What are the benefits of Group Therapy for Relationship Issues?

Group therapy has various benefits for working on relationship issues such as –

  • Getting a wide variety of perspectives and feedback from other members,
  • Learning about new strategies that work for other members,
  • Gaining insight and self-awareness regarding one’s own relationship patterns,
  • Practice trust and vulnerability with other members which are essential qualities for healthy relationships,
  • Learning ways to overcome issues and become a better partner,
  • Learning essential relationship skills such as communication skills, empathy, listening skills, etc.
  • Being able to share emotional concerns in a safe and non-judgemental platform.

How does Group Therapy work?

One or two psychologists facilitate a group session that usually happens on a weekly basis and can last for 1-2 hours. The psychologist has already designed modules working on specific areas of relationships which help the members introspect and come up with solutions for working towards enhancing their relationships.

How many numbers of sessions are required?

The number of sessions could either be pre-determined or in case of ongoing sessions would depend on how many sessions are required by the individual to achieve their relationship goals.

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