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Whether you are married or not, in a committed relationship or a non-monogamous relationship, relationship counselling can be beneficial not only when the relationship is on the verge of breaking apart, but in all stages of a relationship. This is because relationship counselling can improve various dimensions that make a relationship healthy and fulfilling, thereby acquainting you with skills that make you a better partner for a successful relationship. Whether you have difficulties expressing your emotions to your partner, have experienced abuse, infidelity, addiction, or any trust issues, have disagreements with your partner often, engage in interactions that involve contempt, criticism, or withdrawal, feel undesired or unloved by your partner, or want to strengthen your bond in the relationship – relationship counselling is for you.
Online counselling for relationship issues can be especially beneficial in overcoming the stigma that is attached – not only to seeking mental health treatment but also specifically to seeking help for relationship issues. In addition, couples can conveniently schedule sessions at the comfort of their homes, or even when they are in different places such as work or home.


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How effective is Online Counselling for Relationship Issues?

Online Counselling has been found to be as effective as face-to-face counselling sessions and it can help resolve conflicts between individuals as well as enhance the quality of relationship for the couple.

What are the benefits of Online Counselling for Relationship Issues?

Online Counselling has various benefits when it comes to seeking help for relationship issues such as finding taking sessions more approachable as it makes it easier to overcome the stigma of seeking mental health help in front of other people who may not understand its importance or misjudge its need. It also supports convenience of both partners to be available for a counselling session even if they are in different geographical locations during the session time. It is also a useful alternative for couples who stay at a geographically distant location from the counselling clinic.

How many numbers of sessions are required?

The number of sessions depends on the couple’s unique issues as well as response to the counseling sessions.

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