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One of the best options for advice and counselling to facilitate a successful relationship is a professional relationship therapist you and your spouse can trust. They can provide guidance and ideas to help you recognise problems, enhance communication, deal with distance-related challenges, and boost intimacy. It provides a chance to heal, grow, and prosper. Online therapy lets you access these counselling options from the comfort of your home. It enables one to investigate and comprehend how the unique, subjective aspects of each individual's personality may be causing friction in the connection and sometimes offline couple therapy may not be accessible or easy and that when online counselling comes into play. With Cadabams you can pick the mode you and your partner want to access the counselling sessions in and if it’s online marriage counselling in Bangalore, or across the nation, mental health professions will deliver the same on digital modes.


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Specific learning disability
Personality disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Drug addiction
Chronic Pain

Is it possible to have a successful counselling relationship through internet counselling?

Yes, online counselling is viewed as a significantly more successful form of getting couple or relationships therapy than face-to-face counselling since you can communicate more frankly with your counselor over the phone and chat or video call than you can face-to-face.

Is it possible to seek psychological therapy without meeting a therapist in person?

One of the best ways to get aid is through online therapy. Online consultations with psychologists and psychiatrists are available. Online counselling is the most convenient approach for people who require online counselling to reach out at their leisure.

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