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Relationships are difficult and partner conflict is common, and it can trigger a flood of harmful negative feelings including anger, sadness, and hurt. REBT is a great technique because it offers couples solution-focused treatment that can instantly relieve emotional and behavioral discomfort, increase communication, and lead to long-term solutions. Within their couples counselling sessions, REBT couples counselling enables both couples to work via their own cognitive, emotional, and behavioral issues. This brings up the personal insecurities in both partners, and when completed in the company of a caring and skilled REBT practitioner, it may foster a significant level of support, compassion, and connection between them, setting the tone for the rest of the counselling session. There are equipped psychologists in Cadabams that bring to you the best treatment plan according to your needs and concerns using REBT for Relationship Issues, which helps build clarity and compatibility with your partner on issues that need assistance from a professional.


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Specific learning disability
Personality disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Drug addiction
Chronic Pain

What methods are employed in REBT?

  • logical or rational thinking
  • Visualization and guided imagery
  • Reframing thoughts
  • exposure to resisted environment
  • Challenging irrational beliefs

What all can REBT help with?

The therapy aids patients in overcoming irrational thoughts and beliefs that may be keeping them unhappy and holding back from full functionality. REBT can help persons who are suffering from mental illnesses and also from general concerns of daily life.

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