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Specific Learning Disability (SLD) Treatment

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When a child or an adolescent has a learning disability, they may find themselves struggling to cope with in school academically. A myriad of other psychological, emotional, and social issues can tag along for the child which can include feeling not good enough, criticizing themselves or being criticized by teachers and parents, being labelled as stupid or unintelligent, experiencing frustration, anger, shame, etc. at not being able to understand academic concepts, not being included with peers, etc. When such a child is made part of group therapy, it gives them the room to realize that they are not alone and that other children too are facing similar issues. The psychologist conducting the group therapy sessions can also help the children with SLD understand that they are not to blame for it, but that they can make small efforts at striving towards enhancing their learning abilities. Being equipped with effective strategies and acknowledgement of little steps of progress while getting and giving positive feedback to other children with SLD in the group, group therapy could be a rewarding and effective intervention for children with SLD.


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How effective is Group Therapy for SLD?

Group therapy is effective for children and adolescents with SLD in equipping them with strategies that enhance their academic learning, self-concept, emotional well-being, and social skills.

What are the benefits of Group Therapy for SLD?

The benefits of group therapy for children and adolescents with SLD include –

  • It helps them realize they are not alone and feel less isolated,
  • It helps them develop their social skills and form connections with others,
  • It provides them an opportunity to be able to contribute to others meaningfully,
  • It allows them to hear words of encouragement from others,
  • It equips them with strategies to cope academically and with their daily stressors,
  • It allows them to make and reward small steps of progress.

How long are the group sessions?

The sessions may last for 1-2 hours and can be conducted on either once or twice a week, or fortnightly.

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