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Specific Learning Disability (SLD) Treatment

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Just like in outpatient services, in home care – the first step towards helping a child with SLD is diagnosing their SLD and understanding the severity of it. The professionals would help the family and the child in the psycho-education about the child’s SLD – the challenges and the modes of interventions. The psychologists can help the family and the child understand the subject areas where the child can do as well as the mainstream and the ones where special efforts are required. They can help set realistic goals for the child and set realistic expectations towards the achievement of them. They can also help recommend the right professionals according to your child’s specific challenges, such as speech or language therapists for language issues and occupational or physical therapists for motor issues.
The mental health professionals can also help modify the home environment physically or its emotional climate to facilitate the child’s learning and emotional well-being. Moreover, the family could be guided regarding setting only realistic expectations, remain available for help, keep the environment quiet during homework time, be supportive of the child, hire a tutor for help, and allow the child more time for their studies while not depriving them of other extra-curricular activities.


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How effective is Home Care for SLD?

Home Care is effective in providing the essential professional help to the child with SLD for their academic enhancement, emotional well-being, and in providing a supportive family environment at the comfort of their own home.

What are the benefits of Home Care for SLD?

The benefits of home care services for SLD include access to professional help on a regular basis for helping manage the symptoms of SLD as well as other associated emotional and social issues, more adherence to treatment interventions as treatment is provided in the comfort of the child’s home, and targeting interventions that can directly be adapted to the child’s home environment.

How many numbers of visits are required?

The number of visits is variable and depends on the child’s condition as well as the effectiveness of their response to the professional help.

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