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Bio Feedback

Most mental illnesses involve the mind, body and the physical environment around. The correlation between these factors has been studied, and devices developed to help get historic data on an individual’s response to these combined factors. This data is then used to build predictive mechanisms to forecast mood swings, etc.

At Cadabam’s Hospitals, biofeedback therapy involves the assessment of bodily activities such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and other vital information to understand and know more about the patient’s psychological behavior.

It helps increase awareness to bodily processes through the use of sophisticated instruments and monitoring procedures to identify and correlate voluntary and involuntary physiological responses.

A patient undergoing biofeedback therapy will be able to better understand the dynamics of his behavior during a stressful or mood-altering situation. On ascertaining the reasons for the specific behavior, treatment is then strategically applied (i.e. focused deep breathing; affirmations; altering thoughts, beliefs, and memories) and response measured using the same mechanism.

To build relapse prevention of illnesses such as bi-polar affective disorder, addiction, etc., please do avail of this treatment at our hospital.