Emergency Care Services for Addiction in Hyderabad

What all comes under an addiction emergency?

An addiction emergency consists of an emergency situation where the affected person would have had a potential substance overdose, this could be alcohol, drugs like opium, weed, cocaine or any other substance. Abuse of these substances may lead to fatal consequences where the person affected may lose consciousness, lose breathing, vomiting, cough, choking etc.

What to do during an addiction emergency?

During an addiction emergency, the first thing you should do is reach out to professional help by calling an ambulance for medical services. You can start by laying down the affected person and staying calm yourself. Call for support from friends and families if needed. Once you reach the medical help center, be transparent in explaining what caused the situation as this will ensure you get the right treatment.

Who can help me during an addiction emergency?

As you seek help from a medical institution, a general practitioner, psychiatrist and psychologist would be the one attending to you first. A psychologist will eventually be part of the process once you are stable and ready to seek long term help to overcome addiction.

What not to do during an addiction emergency?

  • Do not leave the person alone.
  • Do not hesitate to call for medical help.
  • Do not hide information from your medical professionals.
  • Do not let the suffering person go to sleep.

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