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Are you addicted to alcohol?

It is often difficult to recognize alcohol addiction. There are some signs, however, that you can look out for to identify if you need alcoholism treatment or not:

  • Binge drinking or increase in drinking frequency.
  • High tolerance level or lack of hangovers.
  • Wanting to drink at inappropriate hours like in the morning or during work.
  • Increase in alcohol dependency to function normally.
  • Increased laziness, mental health issues, depression, and emotional issues.
  • Relationship issues or changes in a social circle due to alcohol.

You need to seek alcoholism treatment in Hyderabad if you notice any of these “signs” or experience symptoms like ulcers, complications in your blood sugar level, sexual issues, and vision problems among others.

Remember, a person with alcohol addiction also puts the lives of others at risk, including their loved ones, through drunk driving or violence. Therefore, it is necessary to identify and treat alcohol addiction at an early stage.

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Alcoholism Treatment: FAQs

How to know if I have a drinking problem?

Alcohol is the most widely used substance across the world and it is difficult to know the extent of the problem as individual drinking patterns change over time. There are some guidelines to understand moderate drinking. For men, the maximum limit is 4 drinks per day and 14 drinks per week. For women, it is 3 drinks per day and 7 drinks per week. If you are exceeding the moderation limit for a long time and are facing withdrawal symptoms, then you might have a drinking problem.

How can I recover from alcoholism?

There are four key ingredients involved in the recovery process. These ingredients are humility, motivation, sustained efforts, and restoring the purpose for living. Out of these ingredients, motivation is the most important as someone who is unsure about leaving the addiction behind, an intervention from friends and family may be required to show the individual the dire need of stopping the cycle of abuse.

What are the symptoms of alcohol abuse?

There are several symptoms to understand that you are suffering from alcohol abuse if you are a binge drinker. You can face blackout, dizziness, and sweating in your whole body or you could face behavioral issues like aggression, agitation, self-destructive behavior, or lack of restraint. Apart from this, a person could face anxiety, loneliness, tremors, or have a slurred speech. Nausea, vomiting, and delirium are also common symptoms of alcohol abuse.

How long does alcohol detox and withdrawal take?

It varies from person to person. In some people, withdrawal and detox can begin within a few hours after discontinuing a binge drinking session. People face varying degrees of withdrawal symptoms as well. You are more likely to face heavy withdrawal symptoms if you are a binge drinker. This withdrawal period usually occurs within 8 hours and can last for weeks. It becomes extremely crucial in this case to seek professional alcoholism treatment or a comprehensive rehab program for a complete detox.

Do home remedies work to treat alcoholism?

Some people turn to home remedies because they do not wish to go through medications or a complete program. Alcoholism is quite complex to understand and there are several methods of treating it. Even after the rehabilitation, a recovered alcoholic needs post-care support because there could be withdrawal symptoms. Addiction does not have a simple cure. While in some cases home remedies can work very well, it is advised to seek professional consultation and treatment for a complete cure. So, Google “alcohol recovery near me” and get help from experts