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Living with an anxiety disorder can be difficult not just for the individual but also their family members who also have to deal with the individual’s symptoms of anxiety on a day-to-day basis. However, when the family members do not understand the symptoms of an anxiety disorder, the way they react and respond towards the individual could make coping with the symptoms even harder for the individual. Family members can be emotionally over-involved with or be hostile toward the individual, end up unintentionally fuelling the individual’s anxiety by excessively accommodating to it or responding to it in a destructively critical manner. Family therapy can shed light on these unconscious and unintentionally behaviours and emotional reactions of the family members and help them learn newer ways of responding that benefit and improve the individual’s symptoms instead. In this way, the family can become a support system for the individual which enhances their recovery process. The individual as well as the family members may also be dealing with other situations and emotional distress in their lives which may be making the individual’s anxiety and quality of life worse. A family therapist can also help address and overcome that.

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How effective is Family Therapy for Anxiety?

Family therapy is effective in helping the individual with anxiety adhere to the treatment process and change the dysfunctional patterns of perceptions and behaviours of the family towards the individual and their anxiety symptoms to more constructive ones that actually enhance the individual’s treatment process of reducing anxiety.

What are the benefits of Family Therapy for Anxiety?

There are many benefits of engaging in family therapy for the treatment of anxiety, such as –

  • Recognition and changing of dysfunctional patterns that fuel the individual’s anxiety.
  • Improvement in communication and relationships between members.
  • Resolution of any conflicts within the family that might be exacerbating the individual’s anxiety.
  • Impartment of new skills to help the individual and the members manage and cope with the individual’s symptoms of anxiety.

How many numbers of sessions are required?

The number of family therapy sessions required depends on various factors such as the severity of the individual’s condition, the amount of time required to change the dysfunctional patterns in the family towards the individual and their anxiety disorders and to teach new ways of managing and coping with the symptoms, etc.

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