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Bipolar disorder treatment


Bipolar disorder is a serious mental health disorder that affects a number of people in the world. The nature of the disorder is such that a person experiences constant fluctuations between episodes of mania ( euphoric highs) and episodes of depression. Depending on the severity of these fluctuations there are different types of the disorder as well.

At Cadabams, we offer the best treatment methods for individuals suffering from Bipolar disorder. We understand the toll that the disorder takes on the individual and their family and our expert professionals work towards reducing the distress caused by the disorder We also understand that in many cases individuals or families might not be able to make it to our centres to seek help. To help people in such cases, we offer home services for bipolar disorder ranging from psychotherapy to medication management. Now, you can battle Bipolar disorder and recover from it in the comfort of your house.

Bipolar Disorder Psychiatry: What is it and how can it help you?


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Is home care for Bipolar Disorder effective?

Home care is seen to be effective in helping individuals overcome the distressing symptoms of various mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Who can conduct a psychotherapy session for Bipolar disorder?

Mental health professionals including Psychiatrist, psychologists, counsellors, and therapists can conduct psychotherapy sessions for individuals who are fighting Bipolar disorder.

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