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Bipolar disorder treatment

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Dealing with a patient with bipolar disorder can be very challenging for the family members who often act as the caregivers. This is when employing the help of professional home care services can be helpful not only for the patient but also for the family caregivers. Family members may not have the knowledge to deal with their loved one when they are going through a manic or a depressive phase which can be stressful. In such situations, professionals providing home care services can take charge to deal with the patient’s emotional crises.

The professional home care treatment team would assess the patient’s symptoms and accordingly make a holistic treatment plan that would help the patient better manage the disorder. They would often be involved in instructing the patient and the family on the importance of medication compliance, improving communication, psycho-educating about the disorder as well as the early warning signs, providing emotional counselling and support, making safety plans to prevent risky behaviours, and teaching strategies to cope with the symptoms during the episodes. Thus, home care can make managing the disorder for the patient and care-giving by family members a much smoother process.

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How effective is Bipolar Disorder Home Care?

It is effective in helping the patient and family members learn how to manage the patient’s symptoms during manic and depressive episodes, ensure the patient’s safety and medication compliance, and provide counselling to the patient and their family members to help them overcome any emotional challenges, thus overall enhancing better coping with the disorder and their quality of life. 

What are the benefits of Bipolar Disorder Home Care?

If the patient isn’t willing or unable to be regular to visit professionals for treatment, home care services ensure that they adhere to long-term treatment which includes medications and psychotherapy. It also reduces the burden and stress of care-giving on family members who also may not understand ways to communicate with and handle the patient during their episodes. 

How does it work?

A psychiatrist, therapist, physician, and nurse would visit the patient’s home on a regular basis to psycho-educate them and their family about the disorder, ways to manage it, and provide appropriate medications and psychotherapy to the patient and the family to help them deal with various life challenges, while emphasizing the importance of adhering to medications. In this way, sustained recovery of the patient and enhanced quality of life for all members of the family is made possible.

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