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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT has been an effective psychotherapy treatment option for the last five decades. It has been used by psychologists worldwide to address and combat all kinds of mental illness. Cadabams has specialised in CBT treatment for 28+ years to treat mood disorders, anxiety disorders, cognitive impairments, substance abuse, eating disorders, phobias, etc.

Our multispecialty team of expert psychologists, counsellors, therapists work round the clock to ensure that you get the treatment you need and deserve. Cadabams Hospital offers world-class evidence-based and solution-oriented CBT treatment.

What does CBT involve?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the most commonly used form of psychotherapy that stresses on the importance of thinking positively. The spontaneous negative thoughts are identified and replaced with their positive counterparts that are more objective and realistic.

The argument behind the growing popularity of the CBT method is that our thoughts determine our actions and emotions. The patients are taught to positively cope with and address issues that seem overwhelming by breaking them into smaller parts.

What is CBT used for?  

The mental health issues addressed through CBT treatment are listed below:  

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attack
  • Stress 
  • Chronic pain
  • Eating disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Specific phobias
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Addiction-related issues

Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

The benefits of CBT are immense with some therapists including this method to assess the emotional turmoil in a patient and advise treatment accordingly. The fact that our thoughts and behavior are interlinked, helps people mend their thoughts. 

During therapy, the psychologist evaluates the negative thought patterns and checks out for distortions in thinking patterns that result in symptoms of possible mental health illnesses. The patients benefit as they:

  • Feel heard and validated, the therapist helps them feel that their experiences, thoughts, and feelings matter
  • Feel encouraged, as they have their strengths, and choices acknowledged
  • Identify goals and learn strategies to achieve them
  • Heal emotionally after having experienced a loss or traumatic event
  • Gain valuable insight and awareness about issues affecting their lives
  • Develop approaches to enjoy life and relations by handling problems differently

The CBT therapy method can be deemed as a psychotherapeutic approach, put to use to help affected people learn new skills to deal with dysfunctional behavioral traits and emotions. This therapy is used to treat individuals and groups who are recovering from addiction and consequent mental health problems, including depression, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and other phobias. 

CBT Treatment: How does it Work?

During the CBT treatment, the person seeking treatment, and the mental health advisor (psychotherapist or clinical psychologist) work mutually in a collaborative and structured manner – involving several sessions to provide clear guidance of the underlying problem and determine a custom CBT treatment strategy and appropriate coping skills.

The recovering individual is given tasks and activities during the ongoing sessions to help them adopt appropriate and healthy coping skills and manage their emotions, thoughts, and problematic behaviors. By these coping skills, the recovering individual learns to deal with the negative cycle of thoughts and unusual conditions that are causing them problems so that they can view challenging conditions more clearly and respond to them more productively.

The self-help sessions in such therapy programs help in understanding and overcoming various disorders and alleviating symptoms. In most cases, CBT is beneficial for patients who suffer from various mental health disorders and depression as it poses lesser risks than antidepressants and other methods of psychotherapy.

This therapy comes to play when a person unconsciously or consciously engages in unhealthy thought patterns leading to harmful or abnormal behavior. CBT helps them consciously analyse, interpret, and manage their thoughts. As feelings and thoughts are interwoven, individuals find better control over their emotions. CBT has been used for various disorders and to combat unhealthy lifestyle and coping patterns

Why choose Cadabams for CBT?

Cadabam’ss Hospitals has specialised in using CBT to treat various disorders and to enhance one’s quality of life. Our multispeciality team of psychologists, family therapists, and counsellors assess and analyse a patient’s previous health records, medical history, lifestyle, and other vital information to understand and know more about the patient’s behavior, Subsequently, we customise the right treatment plans to suit their distinct needs and requirements. 

  • All the sessions are strictly confidential, safe, and secure. 
  • All the curative approaches are evidence-based.
  • The number of sessions lasts between eight and twenty.
  • The duration of each session is between 45 to 60 minutes. 
  • The treatment is generally given on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

A little change in our attitude helps us to understand and overcome adverse situations in our life. The way we behave and the way we react to situations largely depends on our perspective towards life and situations that directly or indirectly influence our lifestyle. Come and experience the change here at Cadabams Hospitals. We are here to help you.

If you would like to know about the best cognitive behavioral therapy, please do contact us at +91 97414 76476.

Can you perform CBT on yourself?

In theory, self-directed CBT therapy has its benefits. It is extremely important to note that CBT is a clinical practice and requires practical experience. While it may seem possible to conduct CBT on oneself, it may not be ideal because the individual usually lacks the ability to deal with the extent of the distress by themselves; they lack the clinical expertise to know whether they are performing it correctly. Therefore, it helps if you seek the advice and guidance of an experienced therapist who would help you identify the specific problem and manage it by redirecting your thoughts and actions. While you may be trying CBT on yourself to treat your anxiety and depression problems, the core of the problem might be much deeper, including substance abuse or inability to manage your anger.


>Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) effective?

Research results have indicated how the CBT method is an effective psychotherapy treatment option when it comes to treating mental health disorders and substance abuse problems.

Moreover, this method can be used to treat people of all ages. Preferred mostly to treat teenagers, this method helps mold their minds for the better and redirect them towards positive thinking. The CBT method is also highly recommended for positive reinforcements. For example, you may overcome your fear of public speaking through CBT or the hesitation to be a part of social groups.

> How can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy enhance your mental health?

The CBT therapy method has gained popularity in its ability to improve the mental health of those affected in the following ways:

Provides an effective support network

Therapists practicing the CBT method will ensure you an effective support network. This will include other patients who are recovering from mental health disorders or problems similar to yours. The therapy is action-based, and the patients are aware they have someone to turn to if they want to work through their problems.

The recovery process is far quicker once the patients realize that they can fall back on them when they are going through some sudden emotional distress. A good support system allows patients to work on their negative behaviors and change them.

Raises self-esteem

Many people feel that low self-esteem can be the root cause of cognitive behavior disorder. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy allows patients to build their self-esteem by encouraging them to face their problems and coming to a solution. Once the patients find the answer, their self-esteem grows and they can overcome the disorder.

Creates positive thought

Negative thoughts are one of the root causes of most mental illnesses, and they can take over the patient’s life when not looked into. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy helps the patient understand the importance of converting negative thoughts into positive ones. They help patients think more realistically.

Helps in anger management

Controlling your anger and learning to channel it in a positive manner can be challenging. A major cause of concern among people diagnosed with mental disorders is that they tend to feel ashamed and guilty while expressing their anger to others. Through CBT counseling, therapists help their patients to address underlying issues that will allow the latter to control their emotions. The CBT method teaches patients to recognize their triggers so that they know the reason behind their anger.

Develops better communication skills

Maintaining relationships can be quite difficult for people suffering from anxiety, depression, or addiction problems. Consulting a behavioral therapist helps the patients learn how to communicate with others without feeling scared or ashamed.

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