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According to the cognitive triad theory by Aaron Beck, the founder of CBT, people with depression have negative thoughts about themselves, others, and life. Thus, CBT can help people with dementia by helping them change their negative beliefs such as “Nobody likes me”, “I’m helpless”, or “Nobody really cares about me since I received no visitors'' by helping them find evidence to the contrary such as the times when family members did visit them, the tasks that they are still able to do by themselves, etc.

In the case of dementia with severe depression, therapists can have family members and other loved ones put up their messages on whiteboards as a visual reminder for people with dementia of how loved and cared for they are – which can help challenge their negative beliefs contributing to their depression.

Anxiety can similarly be reduced through CBT. In addition to challenging anxiety-causing thoughts, a therapist can have them engage in music and pleasant activities that help keep them calm.

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How effective is CBT for Dementia?

For those with mild cognitive impairment and a good level of self-awareness in the early stages of dementia, CBT can help people with dementia reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. For the ones with more progressive impairment, CBT can still help with behaviour modification, helping build a sense of confidence and improve the quality of life of the person as well as others involved. In addition to mental well-being, CBT has also been shown to improve immune system functioning and reduce inflammation. 

 What is the cost of CBT sessions?

CBT sessions are offered by our therapists who charge from 750 to 1000 Rupees per session which can happen weekly or fortnightly. The person with dementia would be given a mental or behavioural task as part of homework to apply in their life after each session. 

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